As the fall season approaches, you will likely notice some of the biggest changes in your own yard. Leaf colors change, plants lose their leaves, and the whole landscape goes through a transformation to prepare for winter. When you plan your fall landscaping needs, consider the care of any trees in your yard.

Trees go through many changes in autumn, and you likely want to ensure the trees in your yard have the proper care to last through winter and beyond. A tree pruning service in early autumn can come with many benefits. Learn about the benefits and how the pruning will make a big difference for the growth and safety of the tree.

Prepare for Autumn Winds and Storms

The autumn season can bring a lot of mixed weather. The time of the year is known for a lot of winds and rain. Those random storms can put a lot of pressure on trees, especially on dead or heavy limbs that hang over your yard. You do not want a fallen tree limb to hit someone, land on a vehicle, or do damage to the house.

Tree professionals will inspect a tree and trim the branches that could cause the most damage. They will identify dead branches that could easily snap and fall off. The experts can also identify any branches with potential diseases on them and trim them off before the disease spreads through the rest of the tree.

Completing the service in early autumn will not only help with high winds but can help throughout winter as well. In the winter, heavy snow can put a lot of weight on the branches and result in snapped or fallen branches with the same dangers. A pruning service in autumn will last throughout both seasons.

Indulge in Halloween Fun

The Halloween season is a fun time to decorate and showcase various designs. You may hang ghosts from a tree limb or other decor like a flying witch. You do not want to attach too much weight to a dead branch that cannot support the items. With a tree pruning service, professionals will eliminate the branches you should not hang items on.

Through their service and inspection, the professionals could also point out the best branches to hang items on. The tree pruning will also provide extra safety for any Halloween night activities and mischief.

For example, you may have children walk across your lawn to trick or treat at night. You do not want to worry about a branch falling down and causing injuries. If children decide to throw toilet paper on your trees as a fun Halloween prank, you do not want to worry about the excess paper weight and falling branches.

Branches could snap and fall when the children first throw the toilet paper or when you go to pull the toilet paper down. The tug of the paper could be enough to snap off dead branches and create safety hazards. The last thing you want is a real injury from a traditional harmless Halloween prank.

Participate in Holiday Decorating

Halloween season transitions into other late autumn and early winter holidays like Thanksgiving and Christmas. To celebrate the holidays, you may choose to decorate your trees with festive lights and illuminate your yard. Just like Halloween decorations, you do not want to hang lights up on areas where tree branches may fall.

When lights string around multiple branches, a fallen branch could do even more damage. For example, a branch could snap and pull the lights with it. The holiday lights may tangle, break, or pull down additional tree branches to create a jumbled mess.

Tree trimming and pruning can prevent any issues that occur. Some tree services also offer light hanging services. After they complete the tree pruning process, the company can come back a few weeks later in November or December to hang up lights on the trees you want. They will know which branches and areas to focus on.

The professional hanging can make a big difference and ensure the whole tree is illuminated for the holiday season. Tree professionals also have equipment and training to easily reach some of the higher points of the tree and can extend the coverage of the lights.

Ensure Future Growth

A tree pruning in the early autumn months will help ensure proper tree growth in the spring. A tree professional will ensure the tree grows back evenly and knows how to direct growth in certain directions. For example, if tree growth leans towards a house, proper pruning can help the tree move in a difference direction and alter the growth pattern.

Completing the task in the fall can help get the process started. If you wait until the spring, then the tree growth may have already started and could make the task harder.

Contact us at Schulhoff Tree & Lawn Care, Inc., to set up an autumn appointment and take care of your trees. Our professionals have years of experience and understand how to properly care for a massive living plant like a tree.