Our Organically Enhanced Lawn Fertilization And Weed Control Program

Keep a Healthy Beautiful Lawn

Turf fertilizer is one key component of having a healthy lawn. Our newly developed program incorporates both organic and synthetic fertilizers to help restore the health and balance to the soil. By targeting soil problems, we are keeping the turf growing better. Our unique fertilizer combination best help with nutrients needed for healthy turf. Our 5 step program includes weed control, to keep those pesky weeds away. Our 5 step program will have your lawn looking its best.

Crabgrass Control

On our first application of the year, we offer a fertilizer that has a Crabgrass control product on it. This product must be put down prior to the Crabgrass germinating. Let us know if you would like to incorporate this into your program.

Benefits You Will Get From Our Lawn Fertilization And Soil Amendment Program

Here’s a few of the benefits of our lawn fertilization and soil amendment services!

  • Balanced nutrients needed for our local soils
  • Improves efficiency of existing soil nutrients
  • Improving water penetration and root zone development
  • Improves thatch layer breakdown
  • Improves plant health, growth, and color
  • Reduces soil compaction
  • Encourages soil microbes
  • Organic or Synthetic products or a combination to maximize results

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