Spring Tree and Lawn Care Services

Our Spring Tree and Lawn Care Services and Tips

Spring is a very important time for your trees and lawn. Summer is just around the corner, and there are many steps you can take to prepare your yard for the hot, dry weather to come. Among the important aspects are core aeration, lawn fertilization, tree trimming, and overseeding. Read more about our spring services below to get a better idea on what we can do for you.

Turf Mites

Dry late winter conditions, leading into dry spring weather patterns can lead to a buildup of turf mites in your lawn. Areas that have historically “burnt” out on the South and West exposures could be mite damage. These harder locations on your property can dry out faster, and the warmth will encourage turf mite activity. When mite levels are high, and moisture levels are low, large browned out patches will occur. If left unchecked, it can lead to extensive damage to your valuable lawn. A combination of treatment and extra watering will help minimize damage. Give us a call if you would like a price on treating your lawn for turf mites.


The spring is the time to start your lawn care for the season. One of the most important steps is to have your lawn aerated. Aeration adds many benefits to your lawn. Not only does it break up the compacted surface layer, it oxygenates the soil, stimulates the roots, and allows water to better penetrate into the soil. If you need a quote on having us do this service, please give us a call and we will go look over your lawn and give you a price.

Lawn Fertilizing

The first fertilization of the year should be either an organic fertilizer, or one that has a crabgrass control product in it. It is important to get the crabgrass control down prior to the crabgrass emergence. Giving your lawn a boost of nutrients is important in helping it come out strong in the spring. Our fertilizers are specially designed for our Front Range soils. We use a slow release fertilizer that is important in assuring a slow, constant release of nutrients into your lawn. Call us to get a price on a customized lawn program.

Tree Trimming

Do you have that tree on your property that you have been thinking of having trimmed or removed? Spring is a great time to get that done. Our trained Arborists are ready to help you get your trees into shape for the upcoming season. If you are uncertain of your trees’ condition, let us know and we will send an Arborist by to meet up with you to look over your property. We are always willing to give advice and an estimate if one is needed.

Overseeding Your Lawn

Is your lawn getting a little thin? Has it been awhile since you have overseeded? Let us help you out. Our Lawn Renovation and Overseeding will help thicken your lawn. We use a combination of heavy aeration, overseeding a high quality seed, and composting your yard to give you better, thicker lawn. Crabgrass fertilizer can’t be applied prior to seed application. This product also controls desirable grass from germinating, not just crabgrass. Call us to have us help you out.

Meet up With One of Our Arborists

It’s always a good idea to meet up with your arborist to look over your yard. We are always willing to come out and spend a little time with you answering questions and giving advice. There is no charge for us doing this service. It’s a great way for you to better understand your valuable landscape. The more you understand how to care for your trees, bushes, and turf, the better off you are. Give us a call, and we will set a window of time to meet up with you.