Expert Weed Control Services in Golden, CO

When you have a beautiful landscape, the last thing you want is to see weeds sprouting up in between your plants, rocks, or other landscape elements. If you’re struggling with a weed problem or you just want to make sure that weeds don’t become an issue in the future, you don’t have to look far for expert weed control from professionals in the Denver metro area and surrounding cities, including Golden, CO.

Turf Weed Control

Turf isn’t as fun for relaxing, playing, or otherwise enjoying when it has a weed problem. Weeds germinate through the year, so we can customize a program for you based on the needs of your turf. We can come as frequently as is needed to control the weeds.

Weeds do take a few days to die, but with our weed control program, you won’t have to spend hours out of your spare time to keep your landscape looking beautiful.

Rocks and Mulch Area Weed Control

Weeds can get anywhere in your landscaping, including in your rocks and mulch. These weeds can be difficult to get out on your own. However, with one of our customized weed control programs, we can address the weeds in these areas to keep your entire landscape the way you want it to be.

Landscape and Weed Control Experts

As a company that started in the Denver area in 1937, we understand the unique needs of the trees and landscaping in the area. We have spent decades becoming experts in trees, plants, and weed control, especially as it applies to our area. As locals ourselves, we believe in treating our customers like the friends and neighbors that they are.

If you need help with weed control on your property, be sure to contact us right away at (303) 279-1910. Call us today for a free estimate.