Lawn Care Services

Lawn Care FAQ’s

Find out the answers to important lawn care questions, including what time is best to water your lawn, why aeration is important, how to combat thinning lawns, and more.

Lawn Care Services

Lush, thick, green lawns mean the world to us. That’s why we stay up on the latest products and research for the growing conditions here in the Greater Denver metro area.

Core Aeration

Highly compacted mountain soil makes it difficult for your lawn to receive the nutrients it needs if it isn’t aerated regularly. Aerating your lawn every other year means your soil stays richer, healthier and decreases water runoff as well. Your lawn’s roots can grow deeper, giving it the ability to take hold and survive our climate and insects better.

Lawn Fertilization & Weed Control

Knowing when to treat for crabgrass can make the difference between throwing money out the window and having a beautiful lawn. We watch the weather and know exactly when to apply. We’ve developed the best mix of organic and synthetic fertilizers to treat our Colorado lawns healthy, green and strong.

Soil Amendment

Knowing exactly what’s in your soil means we know exactly what is needed to turn brown, scraggly grass into lush, soft, green lawns you’re excited to wiggle your toes in. Our local soil and climate requires special care to enrich its quality, nutrient base, and ability to absorb water. We offer organic, synthetic or a combination of products to maximize results.

Lawn Disease & Insect Control

Here in Colorado we are affected by turf mites, grubs, necrotic ring spot and Ascochyta Leaf Blight, among other things. We are trained in identifying and treating all of these threats that can ruin your lawn and destroy the value of your home. We can quickly determine the extent of the problem and treat it before it gets out of hand.

Lawn Renovation & Overseeding

Lawns can be renewed with the proper attention and materials. We combine a special organic compost/blend with aeration, overseeding and your help in watering to bring vibrancy to lackluster lawns and rebuild diseased or neglected grass. You CAN be the envy of the neighborhood with our help!

Weed Control

Dirt and seeds from native grasses, plants and trees fly are carried in the wind. They land in your rocks, mulch and other landscaped areas where they’re not wanted, and start growing. We can treat those areas to keep them weed free.

Organic Lawn Fertilizer

For those wishing to maintain their lawn with organics, we offer a great complete fertilizer that’s grown locally here in Colorado.

Lawn Composting

We have not found a better way to build the health of our lawns then top dressing with compost. The better the health of the soil, the better the health of the lawn.