Soil Injections in Golden, CO

We offer an array of injections that vary from insecticides, fungicides, nutrients, to growth regulators. Each location, insect, and circumstance is different. Not all injections will cover every insect. Our specialized equipment will put the product directly into the tree, or in the soil around the tree, allowing it to enter the tree and disperse throughout the branches to the insects feeding on it.

Some of the benefits of injection include: no aerial spraying, longer residual, and covering multiple insects with one treatment. Our nutrient injections are good to help with nutrient deficiencies caused by our poor soils. This product does have a long protection period, protecting it for the whole growing season. Listed below are a few common trees injected and the insects feeding upon them. If you would like to discuss injections, please contact one of our arborists to decide if this would best work for your trees.

A partial list of trees and insects controlled through injection

  • Emerald Ash Borer – Multiple injection types
  • Elms – Elm Leaf Beetle, European Elm Scale
  • Oaks – Aphids, Kermes Scale
  • Aspens – Aphids, Scale
  • Ash – Aphids
  • Birch – Bronze Birch Borer, Aphids
  • Locust – Plant Bug, Leaf Hoppers