Protect Your Elm Trees in Golden, CO

The elms in Denver seem to have a number of insect issues. These range from Elm Leaf Minor, Elm Leaf Beetle, European Elm Scale, Elm Bark Beetle, and the European Elm Flea Weevil. Many, but not all of these insects can be controlled through injections. Certain insects such as the Bark Beetles and the Scale will require some additional treatments. If you have an American Elm, this requires a possible Dutch Elm’s Disease fungicide injection done once every three seasons. If you have an elm, just know that they are a tree that does need some additional attention. We can get an Arborist by to evaluate the tree to give you a quality recommendation. Listed below are a series of highly recommended steps to keep them going. Please give us a call if you would like us to come out and give you a price to keep your American Elm going.

Pesticide Injections for the Elm

American Elm Preservation Program

  • Prune out the deadwood every few years. Deadwood is what the Elm Bark Beetle is attracted to, carrying the fungus from an infected tree. American Elms are only pruned during the dormant months of November-March.
  • Inject yearly with a pesticide that moves through the tree and kills off the European Elm Scale. This is the insect that causes the dieback and the sticky residue that comes off the tree.
  • Inject Arbortect fungicide once every 3 seasons. This fungicide helps keep the tree alive even if some infection may take place. We have evaluated the results of many Dutch Elm’s Disease fungicides over the years, and we feel this is the best product available.