Core Aeration

Denver’s beautiful mountain ranges are nothing to complain about, but the rocky, hard soil in the valleys can make it difficult for homeowners to grow healthy lawns.

When you want to create lush, green turf in your yard, call Schulhoff Tree & Lawn Care. We specialize in developing the kind of soil your grass needs to become and stay healthy.

Enhance Your Yard With Lawn Aeration

Grass gets its essential water and nutrients from its roots. To absorb enough nutrients, the roots reach deep into the soil. But mountain soil is so compacted that it is difficult for grass to grow deep, healthy roots.

If grass can’t grow down into the soil, then it grows horizontally. This growth creates a thatch layer—mossy, unhealthy grass that remains close to the ground. This grass looks green for a while, but its shallow root system can’t support it long-term.

Lawn aeration pushes holes into the compacted soil to loosen it. This process gives grass an opportunity to develop a deeper root system. It also pushes oxygen, water, and fertilizer closer to the roots so your lawn becomes healthy and lush.

Aerated turf is heartier, so it can withstand heat, drought, and insects. Stimulate grass growth with lawn aeration twice a year (once in the spring and once in the autumn) to ensure a beautiful, green lawn that your neighbors will envy.  

Depend on Our Experience

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