Shrub and Tree Trimming for Denver, CO

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Tree trimming in the Denver metro area

Schulhoff Tree & Lawn Care, Inc., are the tree trimming experts you can rely on. Located in Golden, CO, we serve the surrounding area, including Denver, CO. If you have overgrown trees or shrubs that need thinning and shaping, we can handle this job for you with precision and a keen eye for detail.

Our arborists have the expertise to know which branches to remove, how much to prune, and what techniques to use for the best results. Overpruning your trees and shrubs can damage them, which is why you should leave this job to a professional.

Why Tree Trimming Is Important

Our tree trimming services will benefit your trees in a variety of ways. Here’s how this service improves the health of your trees:

  • Helps to train young trees to grow properly
  • Removes dead and damaged branches
  • May prevent infection and diseases from spreading
  • Increases sun exposure and airflow

Tree pruning services aren’t just good for your trees though. They can also protect your property from damage. Weakened or dead tree limbs are more likely to break and fall during a storm. If you have trees overhanging your garage, roof, or other property, a falling branch could cause costly damage. Let our experienced arborists assess which branches pose a risk to your property.

When to Trim Trees and Shrubs

How often you should prune your trees and shrubs varies from plant to plant. But a good rule of thumb is to schedule shrub and tree trimming services once every year or two. Typically, you should get this service in the spring, but certain trees and shrubs will need pruning in late winter or early spring, while others won’t need pruning until the start of summer.

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