Tree Injections for Trees in Golden, CO

Tree injections in Denver, CO

Imagine sitting beneath the tree you planted when you were a child. You lean back against the sturdy trunk that mirrored your growth throughout your childhood. But, when you look up into the branches, you notice wavering and dying limbs.

Trees are a great landscaping investment that requires regular care. This care should include proactive tree injections. In Denver, CO and the surrounding areas, no one is better qualified to protect your trees than Schulhoff Tree & Lawn Care, Inc.

Consult with Our Skilled Arborists

At Schulhoff, we employ trained and certified arborists. These experts can help you choose the right injection regimen for your trees. We offer comprehensive injections, including:

  • Fungicides that eliminate common harmful growths
  • Growth regulators that produce ideal growth levels
  • Insecticides, including treatments which prevent multiple insect species
  • Nutrients, including combinations that compensate for deficiencies caused by poor soil quality

Work with our arborists to tailor the injections to your tree. The injection frequency, location, and efficacy depend on the type of injection you decide on.

Benefit from Ideal Application Technique

Our arborists will either inject the chosen compounds directly into the tree or into the surrounding soil. This method provides the following advantages over other types of administration:

  • Comprehensive options: While a single injection cannot prevent all possible insect damage, our mixtures
    allow you to protect your trees from a range of threats with a single injection.
  • No aerial sprays: Research links traditional aerial application to detrimental effects on human and environmental well-being. Aerial sprays are also the least effective option available. Protect your family, trees, and investment by opting for injections.
  • Long-term effects: Injections last longer than any other type of application.

Get these tree care benefits today. For your consultation, call our team at (303) 279-1910 to discuss your options for tree injections in Denver, CO.  Request an estimate and we will reach out to you.