Stump Grinding & Removal in Golden, CO

We have the right tools to fit all jobs!

We have an assortment of Stump Grinders able to remove your stump. We have the large machines for the big stumps down to the small ones for tight locations. Stump grinding is designed to take the stumps below grade, so you may add dirt and plant grass back over the site. Stump grinding is not designed to remove a whole root system from the ground. It takes the exposed stump down 6 inches below grade. This is not deep enough to plant a tree over, but you can add seeds to allow for new trees to grow over the effected area.

Some Benefits Of Our Stump Grinding Program

    • Stump grinding is something that many homeowners choose to do, because the stump in their yard is not easily removed or simply impossible to remove without tearing up the entire yard. You can make over the whole look of your yard with stump grinding, because you’ll quickly and easily take away the unsightly stump!


  • Stump grinding will not only do away with the original stump, it will also grind the stump to the point that it will not produce much in the way of little sprouts all over the yard, as is common with stumps and root systems that are left in the yards where a tree used to stand. The tree stump is usually ground below the surface of the rest of the ground, getting rid of much of the pulp that could lead to future growth in that area or the area around it. Stump grinding usually limits the amount of future growth, makes the yard look better, and is affordable, making it a great option for most homeowners.