Lawn Composting

Our Best Practice To Improve Soil

We have not found a better way to build the health of our lawns then top dressing with compost. The volume of organic material added to your lawn once or twice a year improves the soil. The better the health of the soil, the better the health of the lawn.

Top dressing with compost is the best practice to improve soil! We have been promoting this application for some time now. We keep finding University studies throughout the country confirming and backing research. Listed below are just some of the benefits of composting your lawn.

Improve Your Lawn’s Health and Beauty

  • Recharge organic matter back into your soils
  • Stimulating the beneficial soil fungi and bacteria
  • Reducing compaction
  • Thickens existing lawns
  • Increases soils water retention
  • Releases nutrients
  • Great alternative to fertilizers
  • Improves soil structures
  • Reduces disease issues

This application can be combined with overseeding and heavy aeration to compound benefits.

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