Call For Expert Lawn Disease Control in Golden, CO

Here in Colorado we do experience some turf disease and insects. Below are mentioned some of the more popular problems that we do encounter. By no means is this a complete list, but some that we believe you should be aware of.

Emerald Ash Borer Alert!

The Emerald Ash borer has been confirmed by the Department of Agriculture in the Boulder Colorado region. This destructive insect has caused millions of dollars worth of damage to ash trees across its path through Illinois, Michigan and into Colorado. Protect your ash trees with the proper insecticides to keep this pest from damaging your ash trees!

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Other Common Insects and Diseases

Turf Insects

Turf Mites

mites,_turf_4_largeDuring dry late winter and spring months, turf mites can become active, feeding on the turf. Mites tend to be attracted to turf located by southern exposures, evergreens, and rock areas. As temperatures start increasing, and soil conditions dry out, the damage can be serious. When these dry conditions exist, we recommend a combination of watering the lawn and treating these locations to control the mite numbers.

Turf Grubs

grubs_largeWe do occasionally see grub problems throughout the metro area. Most of the time the levels are low and control is not needed. In the past year we have encountered more problems with this pest. Late in the summer (Aug/Sept), areas of turf start dying back as the grubs feed on the root systems. Clumps of grass pull up easily, exposing the grubs feeding in the thatch layer.

Turf Diseases

Necrotic Ring Spot

necrotic_ringspot_largeThis is a tough to control disease in Bluegrass lawns that takes time to control. In addition to fungicides, we recommend over seeding and amending the soil to help stimulate the soil health. This disease creates circles or serpentine patterns throughout the lawn. Most of the time it does take a few years of control. If you think you have this, contact us for some additional information.

Ascochyta Leaf Blight

leafblight_ascochyta_largeThis is a leaf blight that causes Bluegrass to turn straw color. This tips will appear to brown out and give the lawn this straw color. We tend to see this problem during hot, dry conditions followed by wet periods. This disease does resemble drought stress. If your lawn is resembling these problems, give us a call to check it all. A fungicide will take care of the problem in a timely manner.