Winter Tree and Lawn Care Services

Holiday Lighting Services

Putting up holiday lighting on your house and trees can involve a lot of work, time, and stress. Make your holidays brighter by letting Schulhoff’s professionally trained arborists put up and take down holiday lighting for you.

Our Winter Tree and Lawn Care Services and Tips

Winter is a harsh time in Colorado, especially on our trees. Harsh and drying winds, randomly fluctuating temperatures, snow and ice are just a few of the elements trees and shrubs must deal with. Branches can break under heavy snow conditions and can damage or even kill your trees if you don’t take the proper precautions.

Below are a few tips to help protect your trees.

Trim To Promote Structure and Future Growth

The winter months can be an excellent time of the year to have trees pruned. Proper pruning can enhance growth patterns for healthy and proper growth. Structure promotion is the greatest value of a trim to your trees. Our arborists have been well trained and hold up to the International Society of Arborist standards to best care for your trees.

Training Young Trees

Young trees need some corrective structure pruning to begin to promote good future growth. Most of the time it doesn’t take a lot of time or incur much cost, but the benefit is extremely valuable. The more you train a tree in its younger years, the less you need to do in the future.

Fruit Trees Need Dormant Season Pruning

Certain fruit trees like Apples, Crabapples, and Pears require dormant season pruning due to disease problems. These mentioned trees are subject to Fireblight that can cause significant damage and can even cause death. Winter trimming is done while the disease is dormant to reduce spread through pruning cuts.

Water, Water, Water

The Denver metro area is a high plains desert that we have landscaped with our favorite trees and shrubs. Most of the trees you see are native to other parts of the country. We do also enjoy some Colorado native trees, but these native trees do not naturally grow in our area. These trees that we now have in our yards do require some additional watering to grow and thrive. Periodic watering will help increase the health and keep them stress free. Supplemental watering should be done throughout the year. The winter months are an important time of the year to add much needed water. Watch to see what mother nature brings us as far as natural moisture to help you decide when to get out and water.

Turf Mites

During dry late winter and the early spring months, turf mites can become active, feeding on the turf. Mites tend to be attracted to turf located by southern exposures, evergreens, and rock areas. Turf mites enjoy the warm, dry conditions that we often experience in the metro area. The amount of time feeding on the grass, and the severity of the insect numbers, will affect how damaged your lawn can become. The damage will create brown areas in the spring as the turf starts greening up. We recommend doing some early watering on these stressful locations and then having a mite application applied to your lawns.