Professional Lawn and Tree Care in Englewood

Englewood, CO, Lawn and Tree Services

An attractive set of trees and a lush lawn gives your home an inviting atmosphere. Ensure your property stays green and healthy with professional lawn and tree services in Englewood, CO.

When you turn to Schulhoff Tree & Lawn Care, Inc., your trees and lawn receive comprehensive care. Our professional arborists and experienced employees can keep your property beautiful year after year.

Take Pride in Your Lush Lawn

Give your lawn the best treatments with the help of Schulhoff Tree and Lawn Care. Our aeration and fertilization services ensure your lawn receives the nutrients it needs.

Protect your lawn from threats like weeds and insects with our aggressive weed control and pesticide injections. If you have damaged or depleted turf, replace it with our lawn restoration services.

Protect Your Prized Trees

Turn to us whenever you want to grow a new tree or revitalize an old one. Our expert arborist services will provide your trees with the nutrients and treatments necessary to heal from previous damage and continue to grow. We also offer tree replacement and planting services, allowing you to enhance your yard with new, vibrant trees.

Schulhoff Tree & Lawn Care, Inc. has provided lawn and tree services to the Englewood, CO and greater Denver area since 1937. Trust our expertise and experience to beautify your property. Call (303) 279-1910 today to learn more about our services.