Holiday lights are a must-have part of many Americans’ year-end celebrations. And while some families are happy enough to simply hang up a few strings of lights on the porch, others want to go all out with a beautiful and fun display. However, hanging great lights each year comes with its own challenges – ranging from safety to time commitments.

One way to meet these challenges is to hire a service that hangs lights for clients in the winter. Why should you consider this investment? Here are a few of the most important reasons.

  1. Hanging Lights Is Dangerous

Probably the most compelling reason to consider hiring professionals to hang lights is to protect everyone’s safety. Reaching, stretching, climbing, and using electrical equipment make the actual process of hanging and removing lights some of the most dangerous holiday activities. This is exacerbated when you must do so in the dark days of winter, in bad weather, and when the temperature drops.

In addition to the dangers of hanging decor, the lights and other electrical and mechanical equipment present an ongoing danger if not handled properly. A simple mistake like using the wrong lights – indoor lights rather than outdoor lights – can result in fires around your home.

  1. Pros Do the Job Better

When you hire light hangers, you don’t just get someone else to do the work. You also get someone to do it with skills and expertise. They can hang your lights correctly in straight lines, they’ll spell any words correctly, and they won’t overload your outlets. And if anything goes wrong, they’ll come right out to correct the problems and get your display back up and running. If you want to impress the neighbors, they can help.

  1. They’ll Use the Right Equipment

Do you have all the tools and equipment needed to properly hang lights on hand? A smaller home or apartment may just need a standard ladder, but large homes may need extending ladders, fall protection equipment, and even heavy equipment like lifts. Similarly, stringing lights in trees or around columns and in hard-to-reach spots may call for specialized tools that most people don’t carry.

You’ll also need to know which decorative pieces and tools to use. This includes the right outlets for safety, connectors, nonflammable materials, and power tools to install your decorations. Save yourself the time and financial investment of trying to track all these down by using a professional’s toolkit.

  1. You Can Get Better Decorations

You often have the choice between hiring someone to hang your own holiday decorations or using those of the company. If you opt for the second choice, you get access to better quality lighting and displays. Rather than hauling out your dusty boxes of decorations, you can often use modern decorations that include low-energy and brilliant LED lights with unique colors, fun icicle lights, timers, and dome bulbs.

  1. The Holidays Should Be Fun

Americans love the holiday season because it’s a welcome boost of joy, family togetherness, and comfort. But most prep tasks aren’t much fun. Certainly, for many, finding time and energy to hang lights in the cold and dreary winter is one of the least fun parts of the holiday season.

If you’re already busy at work or with family during the holiday season, outsourcing this work recoups time for more important activities. And when everyone heads back to their busy lives after the holiday break is over, professionals will come to safely remove your lights as well.

  1. Good Decorations Improve Curb Appeal

Anyone planning to rent or sell their home around the holidays should consider lighting services as an investment. An appealing holiday decoration display is a great way to welcome potential tenants or buyers and make your house look its best. It brightens up the property when days are short and the weather doesn’t provide much of a backdrop. Additionally, you’ll capitalize on the inherent comforts of the holiday look.

  1. They’ll Help You Plan

Could you use help creating the holiday light display of your dreams? Just like any professional, a skilled light technician can help an amateur better craft a plan and execute it. They have experience with houses, trees, and buildings of all sizes and shapes so they’ll know what to do with yours. And they can brainstorm something that freshens up your home.

Where to Learn More

Colorado home and business owners who want to learn more about professional light hanging services should call Schulhoff Tree & Lawn Care, Inc., today. We’ll assess your property, your goals, and your needs to help you make a great holiday display that will save you time during this busy season. Call today to make an appointment and to learn more. We look forward to providing your home with captivating holiday decorations