As the holiday season approaches, the nights come faster and people like to illuminate their homes with a wide range of holiday décor. While tree companies may limit their services during colder months, they can still use their equipment and skills to provide holiday lighting installation.

The safety measures, increased knowledge, and bucket trucks take a lot of the stress and hassle out of holiday decorating. You have the option to lay out your design plan and allow tree experts to help with the process. As you decide what type of exterior lighting you want for your trees, you can find some inspiration from classic holiday films.

Check out four different movies and the lighting schemes used in those films.

1. National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation

If you want to add a little brightness to your house, then consider going all out as the Griswold family does in National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation. Clark Griswold goes above and beyond to create an illuminated masterpiece. Instead of just a holiday light trim on the edges of his home, he goes up and down the roof of his house to create a blanket of lights.

While you may not want your whole house illuminated in lights, the home does feature some areas where you should consider light hanging. For example, the front pillars of the home feature lights wrapped around. If you have front pillars, rails, or a porch, then consider the addition of lights to the area.

Clark also showcases the garage with some nice trim lighting. Take the best elements that stand out and use them as you plan your own house.

2. Dr. Seuss’s How the Grinch Stole Christmas

When the world of the Grinch was brought into live action back in 2000, the set designs offered some spectacular looks at Christmas décor. One of the subplots in the movie features characters who go all out with their decorations. The thing that really stands out with the décor is the colorful lights that create trim for everything in Whoville.

Instead of traditional white bulbs, consider multi-colored lights for your home. A tree service company can offer LED lights, which use a lot less electricity than standard bulbs and will shine brightly all throughout the holiday season.

Along with the lights, consider the installation of wreaths on multiple windows of the home. Wreath designs were featured in much of the live-action film along with the original animated special. A tree company will use a bucket truck to install wreaths on the top windows of your home. You also have the option to wire lights into the wreaths for extra illumination, just as they did in the film.

3. Home Alone

Home Alone features a lot of holiday elements and a key moment where Harry and Marv witness all of the Christmas lights automatically turn on in the Chicago neighborhood. The homes all feature classic designs. Along with the trim along the houses, pay attention to plants, trees, and shrubs that surround the exteriors of the homes. Many of the homes feature trees with lights all around the branches.

Covering a tree with Christmas lights is a lot harder than it looks. A tree service company with a bucket truck can easily access the top of a tree to string the lights around. Their experience will help ensure the lights sit evenly on the tree and illuminate all the way around.

The same also applies to bushes and smaller shrubs. When placing lights on, tree experts will ensure the lights remain secure while plants stay protected and do not suffer from any damage in the process.

4. Funny Farm

While Chevy Chase is mainly known for his Christmas lighting skills in Christmas Vacation, fans got a glimpse of the Christmas décor in the comedy film Funny Farm. The movie takes place over all four seasons and ends with a Christmas setting. The farm that Chase’s character moves to gets transformed into a true Norman Rockwell experience in an attempt to sell the farm.

The lights include a lot of simple designs and expand outward to many of the trees and plants on the property. The main lights on the house create outlines over the windows so from afar you can see the simple design and ways the lights really stand out. The all-white lights have a classic appeal and go well in areas where snow coverage is normal.

Whatever movie you take inspiration from, you have the opportunity to capture screenshots and use them as examples of your lighting ideas. You could provide your own lights or rely on rentals straight from a tree service company.

For all of your tree lighting needs, contact us at Schulhoff Tree & Lawn Care, Inc. For multiple years, we have provided holiday lighting services, so we can truly transform the exterior of your home to match one of the classic movies or to create a completely original design.