There are many questions involved with proper lawn fertilization. Most people add too much fertilizer to their yards and much of it washes away, leaches through, or is just underutilized. Some of this is contributed to poor quality fertilizers that release way too quickly and are short of short lived value.

Our specially designed blend uses nutrients that are needed for our soils, and minimizing nutrients that are adequately available. Slow release nutrients are maximized by other addition of organic material that helps in building the soil, making the nutrients better available and more readily uptaken. We use higher quality products to minimize any excess and thus more environmentally friendly.

Organic material is the backbone of our fertilizer. The more organic material you add to the soil, the more it benefits the turf and trees. As organic material breaks down, it helps with water permeating into the ground, beneficial microbial action, aeration, acidification, and many more. The addition of organic material helps the overall health of the soil that is the basics of turf health.

Within this program we do take care of your weeds in the lawn. If you are on a full program and you get weeds between treatments, just call us and we will retreat at no charge. Give our office a call and we can come out and give you a price for a Lawn Care Program for your yard.