Tree stumps take years to decompose. As they decompose, in an urban environment, tree stumps can pose various problems to yards, lawns or gardens. For instance, just one tree stump can prevent you from landscaping or renovating your front or backyard. Unless you plan to use an existing tree stump decoratively then, consider removing it.

You have two choices in regards to stump removal: stump grinding and stump removal. Stump removal removes the entire stump, roots and all, while stump grinding only removes the main stump, not the roots. Although there are some instances when full removal is advantageous, for most homeowners, stump grinding is a better option, for various reasons.

Keeps the Land Surrounding Your Stump Intact

To remove a stump and all of its connected roots, you’ll need the help of large machines like bobcats. Without these machines, complete removal would be near on impossible. This is because tree roots grow deceptively widespread. For instance, the roots of a mature tree can grow up to 7 times the width of the tree’s dripline. Roots also grow 8-12 inches deep below the soil’s surface.

As you can see, you need a very large hole to remove a tree stump completely. As a result, you’ll be unable to use your yard for anything On the other hand, stump grinding is a much simpler process that reduces the stump to at least six inches below the soil. The stump grinder only removes the stump, not the roots. This means that the surrounding land will remain undisturbed.

Avoids the Need for Large and Noisy Machines

As mentioned earlier, one or more large machines might be necessary to remove a large and mature tree stump from the ground. Unfortunately, this means that those machines will need to gain access to your yard, and create a mess as they do so. If access is limited, then full removal will be difficult. You also have to contend with the noise the machines make as they remove the stump.

The only mess a stump grinder will make will be as it grinds the stump into wood chips and sawdust.

Leaves You With a Pile of Useful Mulch

A great benefit of stump grinding is the resulting wood chips and sawdust. If you choose to, you can keep the wood chips and use them as mulch for your plants next season. Or you can use them to create pathways or soft footing for children’s play areas.

Doesn’t Require the Use of Chemicals

To remove a stump fully, a tree service might sometimes soften the stump with chemicals the day before they come in to remove it. This is especially useful for fresh stumps since they are harder to remove than partially decomposed stumps. Unfortunately, this poisons the soil around the stump.

No chemicals are necessary to grind a stump out of the ground. The only disturbance to the ground will be the depression that the removal leaves in the ground. But your tree service should fill the hole with the wood chips or sawdust after they have removed the stump.

Takes Hours Rather Than Days

For an especially large tree, a complete removal could take days. This is okay if you plan to renovate your backyard later on and won’t need the space any time soon. But if want to create space for a project in the next few days, stump grinding is a faster option. Unlike stump removal, stump grinding is fast and will take hours as opposed to days.

Tree stumps can prevent all manner of yard and garden projects and activities for years to come. Don’t let a tree stump get in the way of your next landscaping project. Call Schulhoff Tree & Lawn Care, Inc., today to book our stump grinding service. No matter how big your stump is, or how awkward its location, we have the tools to ensure your yard is stump free within a day.