Lawn Care Services

You take pride in your property. You’ve spent a lot of time trimming shrubs and mowing the lawn. You’ve even added new plant life to enhance your landscape’s aesthetic. Sometimes, though, your yard needs a little professional care.

If you’d like expert lawn care services in Golden, CO, or elsewhere in the surrounding area, get in touch with Schulhoff Tree and Lawn Care. We’ve been in business since 1937, and we use our decades of knowledge to fully benefit you and your property.

With lawn services like lawn maintenance, we can transform any lawn into something extravagant and luxurious. For example, we use core aeration to make your soil healthy and rich—and those qualities allow your plants and grass to grow stronger and healthier. Read below to learn more about the different lawn services we offer to Golden, CO, residents. Once you decide on which service you need, call us at (303) 279-1910.

We specialize in the following Lawn Care Services:


Core Aeration

We highly recommend a biyearly core turf aeration in order to help your soil stay rich and healthy. Our core aeration services help decease water runoff and stimulates plant root health and growth. Read more about Core Aeration here


Lawn Fertilization & Weed Control

Adding fertilizer to your lawn is only one step in the process of keeping a healthy lawn. By going with our Lawn Fertilization and Soil Amendment program, you will benefit by having an improved water penetration and flow to plant roots and reduced soil compaction. Read more about our Lawn Fertilization & Weed Control program here.


Soil Amendment

Our special blend of compost helps build the health of your soil. Our soil amendment treatment helps refresh and builds the soil through topdressing your lawn with compost. Read more about our Soil Amendment Program here.


Lawn Disease & Insect Control

We are able to treat and fix a number of different lawn diseases and insect infestations. Some problems are more common than others, such as turf mites and turf grubs for insect infestations and necrotic ring spot and ascochyta leaf blight for lawn diseases. Read more about our Lawn Disease & Insect Control here.


Lawn Renovation & Overseeding

Our lawn renovation program combines aeration, overseeding and a special organic compost to greatly improve the overall health and look of your soil and lawn. Read more about Lawn Renovation & Overseeding here.


Weed Control

We specialize in weed control for turf and rocky, mulch-filled areas. Keep in mind that after we come out and initially treat your weeds, it may take several weeks for them to die and completely disappear. Give us a call and we will come out and give you a free price estimate. Read more about our Weed Control program here.


Organic Lawn Fertilizer

We do offer a great option on fertilizer ever since we added a pure organic fertilizer. Our organic fertilizer is a great option if you want to maintain your lawn with organics. Read more about Organic Lawn Fertilizer here.