As the fall season arrives, the trees on your property will go through a big transition. Leaves will change color, fall, and the tree becomes bare to prepare for the cold months. While the transition happens naturally, you do not want any of your other fall activities to mess with the process. The fall season comes with a lot of outdoor events and yard uses.

Check out some of the more common fall activities and ways your trees are impacted. Through this knowledge, you will improve the health of your tree and ensure a tree remains healthy through the fall and winter months.

Leaf Clean-Up

As leaves fall and cover the ground, many homeowners will work tirelessly to clean up the leaves and keep the lawn clear. While the leaf removal will keep the grass healthy, this could impact the health of your trees. The fallen leaves provide nutrients that will fill the soil and eventually make their way back to the tree.

Ideally, you want to let some of the leaves lay near the tree soil to create a natural compost that keeps the dirt healthy. If you do not like the appearance of leaves around the lawn, then you have multiple options to choose from. You could mow the leaves using a mower with a bag attachment. Once the bag is full, scatter the chopped-up leaves around the base of a tree.

You could also use a weed whacker to manually chop down leaves. If you have a lot of trees on your property, then the leaf amount may be too large to handle. If you decide to remove all of the leaves, then consider a professional fall treatment like deep root fertilization.

Professionals will inject the soil with special fertilizer and nutrients for the trees. You can feel confident clearing out all of the leaves when you use the service because the trees on your property will not be left vulnerable. Deep root fertilization could become an annual service you do each year when you rake the leaves up.

Fall Sports

The autumn season is a common time for a lot of outdoor sports like soccer and football. Your lawn could become the main area to practice sports and build skills. When playing sports, one of the main concerns is digging up the lawn. If your soil is impacted too much, you could take away valuable nutrients and causing the lawn to dry out.

The fall season is an ideal time to consider top-dressing the lawn. A top-dressing includes compost that keeps soil healthy. Tree services will ensure the compost is properly watered and can provide direct access to the trees.

For a top dressing, you have the option to separate areas of the lawn. The top dressing can apply to areas around a tree so you have another designated spot just for sports use. The separation allows your family to still enjoy sports while you do not impact the health of trees.

You may also consider the removal of old stumps and tree roots on the property. Old stumps could create trip hazards for kids playing in the backyard. Even though the tree is removed, the stump could also take away nutrients from full-grown trees and sprout new plants. A stump grinding service will flatten out the stump and remove any attached roots.

Tree Decorations

Fall is an ideal time for outdoor decorations. You may put up a flag to support your favorite football team, hang harvest decorations, or plan out lavish Halloween decor. Trees often make an ideal hanging spot for your decorations, but you want to prevent tree damage or dangers when hanging items.

Try not to nail or hang items directly from the tree bark. If tree bark peels or breaks off a tree, then you could expose a tree and impact its health. The tree will become more vulnerable to weather elements and tree boring insects. Try using a rope that will not dig into the bark of a tree or purchase a garden pole or stand that could hold the decoration.

If you want to hang items from tree branches, consider a tree pruning service in the early fall. Tree pruning will remove any old or dead branches so the nutrients of the tree go directly to the healthy branches. A tree professional will also identify the healthiest branches to hang items from.

If you hang items from dead branches, you could create a dangerous situation. High winds and pressure from the decorations could cause the branches to snap. Not only could your decorations break, but if someone is nearby, they could become injured from the fallen branches as well.

Tree pruning service ensures the tree remains healthy through the winter months and will flourish when the plant blooms again in spring.

Prepare for all of your autumn traditions with our professional tree services at Schulhoff Tree & Lawn Care, Inc. We can inspect and treat all the trees on your property in the early autumn months.