Many homes love to celebrate the joyous holiday season with outdoor decorations, lights, and decor. While the idea of decorating for the holidays may seem daunting, you can cut down a lot of your manual labor and stress with the help of a professional service. Going into the service knowing exactly what you will want will make the process go smoothly.

Tree services do a lot more than just trimming trees or cutting down trees. The holiday season includes a wide range of services that can help your lawn stand out and help build new holiday traditions you celebrate year after year. Check out some of the services to consider for your home.

1. Home Lighting

A tree company will often dedicate the last couple of months of the year to home holiday lighting. The professional service will apply LED lights to the exterior of your home so it can illuminate at night and help you celebrate the festive season. The home lighting you choose could cover the trim of your home or expand to areas like the windows and garage.

A tree team has experience with different heights and can apply the lights to some of the more complicated parts of the home. For example, you may want extra lights wrapped around a chimney or steep area of the roof. With their experience, they can complete the task and even come back to remove the lights after the new year.

2. Tree Lighting

Along with lights for your home, you can expand the holiday illumination with light displays on the trees in your yard. Pick specific colored lights for each tree and tree professionals can install them. Not only will they evenly place the lights on a tree, but their experience will ensure the tree remains protected through the process.

For example, a tree expert will ensure the tree suffers no damage or extra stress due to the lights. Tree professionals also have access to bucket trucks that can easily guide them around the tree and safely complete the task without the need of a ladder or other tool.

The tree lighting design can match the light displays on the rest of the home to create an extravagant Christmas display that stands out on your property.

3. Tree Planting

Instead of just displaying a Christmas tree in your home every year, you could start a new holiday tradition where you plant an evergreen tree and watch it grow over time. Tree professionals offer a tree planting service that helps you choose an ideal location, knows how deep to dig, and provides you with professional care to ensure the tree grows healthy.

Each year, you can watch the tree grow and celebrate the holiday season as you adorn it with lights and other decorations. The tree also represents an ideal location for family pictures. Take a holiday picture in front of the tree each year and then watch as the tree grows. When you look back on the pictures, you can see the transformation of the tree and how it grows.

Along with the planting, a tree care company can come throughout the years to provide trims and inspect the tree to ensure it is still healthy. Eventually, you may decide to plant additional trees. Not only are the trees a fun way to celebrate the holidays, but they will help the environment and create fresher air around your home.

4. Insect Control

While children may want Santa to come and visit during the holiday season, the last thing you want to worry about is extra guests like insects. Even in cold weather, insects can impact your home, lawn, and trees. If you have trees you want to string lights around, you do not want to deal with insects chewing through the lights or causing any damage to the trees.

If you place inflatables or other holiday decor on your lawn, then you don’t want pests chewing through those or causing any damage. A tree company can provide insect control on the trees and surrounding areas of your lawn. The treatment options will not only make it easier to decorate for the holidays, but your trees will remain protected in the long run.

Not only will tree experts spot the insects, but they can spot other signs of insects including boring holes, eggs, and chew marks. All these little details will make it a lot easier to enjoy the holiday and not have to deal with any unwelcome surprises.

Contact us at Schulhoff Tree & Lawn Care, Inc., for any one of these services. We always offer free estimates and can often bundle these services into a single visit if needed. We have years of experience in tree care and have put up holiday lights every season for many years now.