Trees in a natural system have developed an ability to resist or minimize threats of insects and disease. Our urban trees face increased challenges due to harsh conditions, leaving their resistance to these problems compromised and more prone to attack.

It is important that these potential problems are identified and strategies are developed to protect trees in the urban setting. Problems such as Ips Beetle, Ash Borer, Bronze Birch Borer, and Dutch Elm’s Disease are some pests/disease attracted to stressed trees.

Our specific Plant Health Care Programs are the best solution for protecting your valuable trees. Regular inspections and treatments, including specific treatments for specific insects and diseases, are scheduled at appropriate intervals. Treatments are based on a common sense approach that protects trees while minimizing applications, reducing costs, and favoring environmentally conscious products. Our recommendations and products follow the recommended guidelines set forth by CSU, Extension Service, Forest Service, and the Colorado Department of Agriculture.