The Emerald Ash Borer was positively confirmed in Boulder this past fall. This insect has been introduced into the US and was first confirmed in Michigan in 2002. Since then, millions of Ash have died along its path. Emerald Ash Borer is proving to be one of the most destructive insects to hit the United States. There are effective options available to keep your Ash trees alive. Our recommended treatments were developed by evaluating treatments currently going on in high pressure areas of the Midwest. Now we are recommending treatment if you are in the Boulder area, or within 10-15 mile circumference. Beyond that point, we are offering treatments if you have highly valuable trees you want to protect. It takes 3-4 years before an infected tree starts showing signs of decline. By that time, numerous other trees in the area will have been affected. Since nobody knows where all the infected pockets are, we will protect your valuable trees if you request. We will try to keep updating our website on the latest locations of Emerald Ash Borer outbreaks. Please contact us if you would like a prince on protecting your Ash trees.