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Schulhoff Tree and Lawn Care has been around since 1937. We are a company of lawn and tree care professionals dedicated to helping you take care of your landscape. We have Certified Arborists, Foresters, and Horticulturists on staff to help assure everything from quality products, recommendations, to our work performed. We are considered an industry leader, helping set the standard in tree and turf care, not following. We pride ourselves on being here to help you out answering questions or giving advice. Being a service company, we are not set up as high pressure or commision based. Instead, we are customer oriented and are here to serve you.


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Customer satisfaction is our number one priority. Our licensed arborists and plant health care specialists will create a tree and lawn care program for you, that will address your specific needs and individual characteristics of your landscape, while incorporating your personal preferences.



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Licensed Arborists and Urban Forester on staff.
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Denver Tree Pictures

check out our tree photos from Denver Tree proudly sponsered by Schulhoff

Emerald Ash Borer

The Emerald Ash Borer is a small, but very destructive beetle. An adult beetle easily fits on the size of a penny, and is metallic green, with a slender body that measures half an inch long. Native to China and eastern Asia, the beetle most likely arrived in North America hidden in wood packing materials used to ship consumer goods. They first arrived in Michigan, where it was likely present for up to 12 years before anyone detected it. The beetle is behind the death and decline of tens of millions of Ash trees. And now, much to our dismay, this pest has arrived in Colorado.

Drought Alert!

The front range has been experiencing record temperatures and drought conditions for an extended period. Much needed moisture has not been coming. During these extreme conditions, we need to make sure the trees and shrubs have supplemental watering to help replenish water in the ground. Please make sure you get out and water your trees. If you need help with watering, give us a call 303-279-1910 or click here to request a free estimate. We can truck in water and pump it directly in the ground for your trees.

Pine Beetles Expected to Rise!

Drought conditions will stress trees, leaving them prone to being attacked by bark beetles such as IPS and Mountain Pine Beetle. If you are concerned about your pines and spruce trees, give us a call 303-279-1910 or click here to request a free estimate. We will evaluate the site and give you a recommended program to protect your trees.

pEST ALERT : Emerald Ash Borer Colorado

Professional Tree/Shrub Services

If there is some technical tree consulting that needs to be done, you can give us a call
(303) 279-1910 or with our contact form If you need any of the services below:

and any other tree or lawn care issues or concerns you may have, let us know. We can have a Certified Arborist / Degreed Urban Forester come and meet with you, and prepare a formal report.

Lawn Services

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Watering Tips

Watering correctly is such a huge part of having a good looking lawn. Changing watering patterns can make a big improvement in the health and appearance of your lawn. We recommend watering at night (starting at 9-11pm). During the evening, you are going to give the water a much better chance at soaking into the soil. If your lawn has problems with absorbing water, or has a bit of slope, set your watering to come on for 2 shorter cycles instead of one longer one. This will better allow water to soak deeper into the ground. By watering 2-3 times a week with deep soakings, you should be able to maintain a healthy turf. If you want to know how to check if your watering is getting deep enough, there is one way, get your hands dirty. At differing points on your property, take a knife and dig into the soil. You want to be getting water to a depth of 4-5Ē. Itís better to water a bit more infrequently, but deeper. Not only are you going to help the turf, but the trees will be tapping into this water and help them out too

Planting Tips

Planting tips coming soon.


Check Out Some Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best tree to plant in my yard?
There are many choices available. The location will help dictate what species may be the right size and shape. Then there are other options to consider: fall color, fruit, acorns, shade, evergreen or deciduous, and many more. You can look at to look at pictures and find out mature growth dimensions. Give us a call and we will send an arborist out to advise you. We will help steer you in the right direction. Our planting department will provide planting as a service if you need.
What insects will affect my trees?
Most insects out here are very tree specific. Different trees have differing tolerances to insect feeding. Some years you will see elevated levels, while other years lower levels. Bark beetles can kill and even severely damage certain trees. There are so many scenarios out there, that we canít tell you without evaluating your property. We see varying populations of certain insects in differing parts of the city. We advise you to contact us to walk around your property with you to explain it better. The more you understand, the better off you are. We can put together a customized program to keep your trees healthy.
Why should I use a licensed and insured Tree Care Company like Schulhoff?
Arborists are specialist in the proper care of trees. Your trees are highly valuable to your property both aesthetically and financially. Our arborist are trained in the proper techniques of trimming and removal. This kind of work is inherently dangerous and requires proper training to be done properly. Poorly maintained trees can pose a risk and be a liability to your property. We are fully licensed, insured and bonded for your protection. We belong to both the ISA (International Society of Arborists) and the TCIA (Tree Care Industry Association). We as a company believe in further training to promote a safe, and quality oriented company.
Can I schedule a free estimate/consultation to just walk around my property asking questions?
Yes, we encourage people to call and set up a time to meet to discuss your properties needs. We will give you advice on how to care for your turf and trees. The better you understand what you have, the more you will understand what we recommend and why. Our arborists are not on commission. We get paid the same if you buy our services or not. Our goal is to educate you, and to help you where we can.
How is your turf care program different from others?
When we developed our program, we incorporated the best traits of both synthetic and organic material to develop a superior product. Certain overused nutrients have been minimized, while maximizing other more needed ones. Organic material is an important addition. It helps build the health of the soil naturally. The more you build the soil, the more you help the roots. The more you help the roots, the more you improve the health of the turf. By amending the soil, it also helps in stimulating the roots of the trees, competing for the same nutrients and water. Our slow release nutrients allow for a slow and steady release, optimizing turf growth. We add a special Iron to the mix that does not stain sidewalks and drives.
Why should I consider your company?
We have been a family owned company here in the Denver Metro area since 1937. Our goal is to take care of our customers, and keep them coming back. None of our sales or production crews are on any commission structure. They are highly trained, and dedicated to taking care of trees. We work for municipalities here in the metro area, golf courses, homeowner associations, forestry projects and for homeowners. We pride ourselves on giving good solid, educated advice. We employ Certified Arborists, Degreed Urban Foresters, Certified Pesticide applicators, to assure quality in all aspects of our business. We heavily promote further training to maintain being an industry leader.
What time of year should I trim my trees?
Most trees out here in the metro area can be trimmed safely any time of the year. There are a few trees that should be pruned during the dormant season. The Apples, Crabapples, and Pears should be done in the winter months due to Fireblight (bacteria). American Elms should be pruned during the winter to reduce the chance for the Dutch Elmís Disease.
Why do I need to water my trees during the winter?
Almost all the trees you see in the Denver area have been brought in from other parts of the country or down from the mountains. We are a high plains desert, and this can create significant stress on the trees. Stressed trees are more likely to be attacked by insects and disease. Trees require additional watering during dry periods throughout the year to be able to perform life functions properly. Drought stress can kill or severely stress you trees beyond a point of recovery. Watering during dry periods throughout the year can significantly improve the health of your trees. Deep soakings are much better than frequent light watering.

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